Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I love shopping!!

Well since Ben's in the States for the week I thought I'd take the kids to a movie and get some shopping done as well. I was able to find Janae a Christmas dress, which I'm still 100% sure on, and thh boys each a sweater, and a Christmas gift for Ben. Plus I picked up a few more decorations for the tree. Unfortunately the hardest part is coming up, finding me a new Christmas outfit. I looked a little today and so far they don't have a lot of selection around. Hopefully as the season gets closer there will be more options available.

I'm so proud of myself, my Christmas cards are almost completed. All I have to do now is tie the ribbon on and do the little phrase on the inside. Not bad, compared to last year where I thought I'd never get it done. Here's an image of my card this year. Keep in mind that a scan never does it justice.

I found the coolest recipe today on 2Peas, it's called cake balls. If you want to try it here's the recipe:

1 cake mix, any flavor
1 tub of frosting, usually the same flavor as the cake
Chocalte melted. (The recipe calls it almond bark which is a melting chocolate)

Bake cake in 9x13 pan according to directions. Once cake has baked and cooled, crumble into 1/2 inch chunks into a bowl. Add 2/3 of the frosting, mix, then roll into balls a little smaller than a golf ball. Lay on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen dip in melted chocolate. These are served thawed, they are only frozen to make the dipping easier.

Doesn't that sound yummy? I want to try this but I want to use my own frosting recipe as I usually find bought frosting too heavy and sweet.

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