Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I love shopping!!

Well since Ben's in the States for the week I thought I'd take the kids to a movie and get some shopping done as well. I was able to find Janae a Christmas dress, which I'm still 100% sure on, and thh boys each a sweater, and a Christmas gift for Ben. Plus I picked up a few more decorations for the tree. Unfortunately the hardest part is coming up, finding me a new Christmas outfit. I looked a little today and so far they don't have a lot of selection around. Hopefully as the season gets closer there will be more options available.

I'm so proud of myself, my Christmas cards are almost completed. All I have to do now is tie the ribbon on and do the little phrase on the inside. Not bad, compared to last year where I thought I'd never get it done. Here's an image of my card this year. Keep in mind that a scan never does it justice.

I found the coolest recipe today on 2Peas, it's called cake balls. If you want to try it here's the recipe:

1 cake mix, any flavor
1 tub of frosting, usually the same flavor as the cake
Chocalte melted. (The recipe calls it almond bark which is a melting chocolate)

Bake cake in 9x13 pan according to directions. Once cake has baked and cooled, crumble into 1/2 inch chunks into a bowl. Add 2/3 of the frosting, mix, then roll into balls a little smaller than a golf ball. Lay on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen dip in melted chocolate. These are served thawed, they are only frozen to make the dipping easier.

Doesn't that sound yummy? I want to try this but I want to use my own frosting recipe as I usually find bought frosting too heavy and sweet.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Life is insanely busy...

So I've decided to become a blogger. I hope to keep up with it regularily, if not, let me know!

Wow, will things ever slow down? I spent the day at our church with the Ladies Sewing Circle. Imagine 10 ladies and just as many kids running around all playing loudly. Luckily I had a portable DVD player so we started that up and that slowed things down.

I've started my Christmas cards already. I was a little hesitant about the style that I chose but I think they are coming along nicely now. I want to get a few more things done with the cards tonight yet. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I'm already very busy planning our holiday season. Some of the events on the agenda include our Ladies Prayer Sister Banquet which I plan along with one other lady from church. This year we will also be planning a Christmas cookie exchange, should be fun. We plan on having a craft that day to attract ladies to sign up. Plus I want to have a Christmas dinner party again this year. I had one last year and it was a lot of fun. I could go on and on but that gives you a general idea of what my holidays look like.

The kids are busy as usual, life is never dull with them around. The other day I checked up on our boys before I went to bed and discovered that Coby must have gotten scared and decided to climb into bed with Nathan. It was the sweetest thing to see as a mother. I could not take my eyes off them and so I stood there watching them, marveling at how God gave us such wonderful children. Life is so precious.

Our kids love Christmas almost as much as I do already. I went for dinner with the kids while Ben is in the USA on a business trip, and on the way home they were ooing and ahhing over the lights that some already have lit. Nathan commented on how nice it was and Coby followed with a "I love it" I can't believe how mature our kids are already getting.

I'll end this post with an image of our tree this year. I will add an updated version soon. I added more ribbon and a few other decorations.